Leadership in Implementing Innovation

Helps attendees acquire skills of developing a winning team for an innovation effort

What is this about?

Innovation does not happen by chance. It requires leadership to provide direction and support, ensures that the right people and the right resources are present at the right place and the right time. The leader also provides encouragement and guidance along the progress, making sure that the outcome generates values for the customers. If you wish for your team to be able to inspire meaningful innovation, this is the workshop for you!

What you will learn

  • Setting up the stage to launch innovation effort in the right direction
  • Articulating clear purpose and vision of the intended innovation
  • Building a high-performance team for the innovation effort
  • Creating the workplace climate conducive for creativity
  • Formulating norm of ritual that supports creative work
  • Inspiring and motivating the team for their innovation journey
  • Aligning the products’ features/benefits to the customers’ needs/concerns
  • Dealing with ideas, scope, expectation, prototyping, experiment, changes and decision
  • Adopting the right mindset towards risk and failures
  • Understanding the importance of leadership presence

Who should attend

Anyone in an organisation looking to lead innovation efforts to achieve any of these

  • New product introduction
  • Problem solving
  • Process improvement
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • New business model formulation


Workshop class size  min: 12 | max: 24

What Others Are Saying

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! It’s been very nice working with Quantum Way. I can’t thank them enough! Too good to be true and this time, it is true! WOW!


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